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About our Menu


Great BBQ starts with great meat! Our menu features the best pork, freshest chicken and choicest cuts of beef available. All of our sides are homemade with only the best ingredients we can find. We source locally whenever possible for great farm to table quality. You can taste the authenticity.


We offer selections with sauce and without, with natural sugars and without, with mayonnaise or with vinegar. Big heat, little heat or no heat. Dessert or no dessert (for gosh sakes’ ORDER DESSERT). Simple to order, with a taste all your own.


The shortest distance from A to BBQ has the least amount of processing possible. We source locally and regionally whenever possible. That’s what makes Tucky’s BBQ so authentic and fresh. Nothing’s overly processed, everything has ingredient names that you can actually read. Just like our mommas, daddies and grannies taught us. All our woods burn super clean and efficient – no resins or tannins on your food, just pure smoky good flavor from nature.


It’s about time Nevada had its own style of barbecue. Our innovative and eclectic approach to flavors and styles gives Nevada its very own barbecue melting pot. We give a shout out to North Carolina, Memphis, Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas, Louisiana, even the south side of Chicago! (Chicago is sometimes known as the "5th Beatle" of barbecue). We salute all the best barbecue our great country is known for!