BBQ is in Our Veins

We’ve traveled all over the United States, tasting all kinds of barbecue from all kinds of places. From hole-in-the-wall joints to 200-seat spreads, we’ve tasted the best of the best. We’ve tasted brisket all over Texas, ribs all over Missouri and Memphis, and even had some fabulous barbecue in Monroe, Louisiana.

Pitmasters across the country agree that there’s one thing all Pitmasters have in common – a profound respect for fresh beef, pork, chicken and sausage. They know about their woods, their fires, their timing and so do we. We know what you know: that you just can’t rush perfection – it has to be earned. And we’ve nurtured, basted, seasoned and tasted until we found the right combination of wood, meat, seasoning and sauces that we know Southern Nevadans will love. We hope you feel at home at Tucky’s. It’s all about our Authentic, Local, Meat-Smokin’, Lip Smackin’ Mission, and we want it to be yours, too.

Our Pits and Methods

We run a minimum of two pits daily. It's all about the smoke at Tucky's, so we use 100% hickory for our beef products in a dedicated smoker. We use our own special sweet fruitwood and hickory blend for our pork, chicken and sausagesn. Our wood has no bark - so no contaminants normally found in tree bark, nor toxic resins or tannins ever get near your food. Taste the difference pure, clean smoke makes! We use 100% food grade wood from sustainable sources. We’ll never cut down a tree just to make barbecue.

Everything from the barbecue sauces to the bacon to the pickles is homemade and all the meat is cooked ‘low and slow.’ Tucky’s keeps it simple and strives to let the flavor of our meats shine through. When you’re buying the best meat available, then you darn sure want people to taste it!

Ever had ribs from down the street where they give you more sauce than meat? Not here.